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Verfasst: 13.06.2009 23:56
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1. The standard, box and compact pedigree charts now use a JSON feed instead of XML.
2. Those same pedigree charts (and some other boxes) now show rounded corners in most browsers (IE being the most notable exception).
3. Events on the timeline chart may now have beginning and ending dates.
4. A new third-party event timeline (Simile) may also be displayed on the same timeline page (configurable from the Chart Settings).
5. The GEDCOM import now features a progress bar and can restart itself automatically if needed.
6. A GEDCOM uploaded from your computer will now be saved on your site during the import (you may delete it afterwards).
7. GEDCOM and media files may now be deleted from the "filepicker" window.
8. A PDF version of the Family Group Sheet is now available.
9. Choosing a new tree in the tree selection dropdown box in the public area will now automatically cause the page to be reloaded with the new tree (the "Go" button has been removed).
10. The installation instructions (readme.html) now include an "Express" option.
11. Now if you attempt to go to your home page before TNG has been installed, you will be redirected to the installation guide (readme.html). This is done by querying a variable called $tng_notinstalled, which will be turned on in new installations.
12. Various alternate ways to format latitude and longitude (including degrees/minutes/seconds) will now be recognized on import.
13. A "fulltext" index was added to the sources table, allowing searches on the "Actual Text" field from the Admin/Sources page.
14. If latitude/longitude data is entered with commas, the commas will be replaced with periods when the data is saved (commas cause errors in the map display).
15. If a family record was deleted, the family ID was not being removed from the primary parentage fields ("FAMC") for individuals (fixed).
16. Split years with only one number after the slash (eg, 1885/6) will now be recognized for proper internal formatting.
17. Setting "Box" as the initial display mode for the pedigree chart was preventing images from being shown on the descendancy charts (fixed).
18. The GEDCOM export function was very slow (fixed).
19. The GEDCOM export was excluding people if the same family appeared more than once at different levels in the same ancestry or descendancy tree (fixed).
20. Deleting sources from the Admin/Sources page did not remove citations that pointed to that source (fixed).
21. Column formatting on the Cemeteries page didn't work if more than 200 cemeteries existed in the database (fixed).
22. Browsing to a non-existent report, or to an inactive report without rights, will now generate a "404 page not found" error.
23. The search results page would not show Birth Place if no birth date or christening date existed (fixed).
24. Special UTF-8 characters were not displayed correctly when they appeared as initials in a living person's privatized name (fixed).
25. Searching on the Notes page for a value that included quotes would not allow you to move to a second page of results (fixed).
26. Changing a blank Place record would cause all blank place fields in the entire database to receive the new name (fixed).
27. The GEDCOM export will now replace hard returns with spaces in media titles.
28. The pagination links at the top of a media page (showmedia.php) will now be displayed above the image title.
29. A security vulnerability existed in the $rootpath variable that allowed hackers to gain access to a TNG site (fixed).
30. TNG will now attempt to turn off the PHP variable "allow_url_fopen" from within the code (globallib.php).
31. TNG will also now attempt to set the available memroy to 200 Mb in the most memory intense operations (used to be 80 Mb).
32. "Half" relationships were not always correctly described as such at the bottom of the Relationship chart (fixed).
33. Links to places whose names contained an apostrophe were sometimes invalid (fixed).
34. Long media file names that used two lines in a GEDCOM were being truncated on import (fixed).
35. Notes containing lines of all blank characters were preventing the GEDCOM export from finishing (fixed).
36. Tree links on the Place page (placesearch.php) did not work (fixed).
37. The Reset button on the Admin/People page was not clearing the "No spouse" box (fixed).
38. The PDF report for descendants was not observing the max generations value from the Chart Settings (fixed).
39. Clicking on the "pin" for a Google Maps location will now show any notes associated with the location.
40. The random photo generator for some of the templates was showing photos for living individuals (fixed). The corrected file (randomphoto.php) has been added to the standard distribution.
41. Burial info was not showing on the search results page if there was no death date (fixed).
42. The confirmation message for unlinking a child from his/her parents was incorrect (fixed).
43. Some note ordering issues were corrected on Register & Ahnentafel reports.
44. If the ID for a new individual entered from the family view already existed, the error message was not visible (fixed).
45. A photo's "mediaID" number will now be displayed on the showmedia.php page under the large photo.
46. When a photo is linked to an individual, you will immediately be given the opportunity to designate that photo as the default.
47. The login was changed so that inactive users cannot request a new password.
48. Another default zoom parameter was added to handle the initial zoom level after a location is found using Google's search tool.
49. When adding a new family with an existing individual as a spouse, the parental family ID ("FAMC") of that person would not be saved if the value was initially non-blank (fixed).
50. If the default "replace" option on the Import page was "Replace Matching" or "Append", some of the applicable options were not shown initially (fixed).
51. If an individual with no gender was deleted from the Edit Family page, the ID was not being removed from the family record (fixed).
52. The statistics page was showing birth info for the "Earliest Birth" and "Longest Lived" individuals even when those individuals were living (fixed).
53. The Relationship chart will only prefix ID entries with the letter "I" if no non-numeric character is used anywhere in the entered ID.
54. The function to uppercase surnames on import was not working with special UTF-8 characters (fixed).
55. When adding media and album links, the new links will now be added at the top of the links table (to make the additions more visible).
56. Hebrew dates will now be recognized.
57. ISO-8859-2 characters will now be displayed more accurately.
58. The repository page (showrepo.php) was not showing source titles if the source did not have a "long" title. The "short" title will now get priority.
59. Users who had Add but not Edit rights could not finish creating people, family, source, repository, media or album records (fixed).
60. Custom events were not imported (although the "types" themselves were) when "Accept data for all new custom event types" was selected on import (fixed).
61. Some hardcoded HTML in genlib.php was replaced by CSS (see the .tngmenuicon, .tnggif and .arrow blocks in genstyle.css).