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Identification segelring

Verfasst: 07.01.2018 18:30
von Thomas
Für Ivan Vanbroekhoven hier ins Forum gestellt:
I have got a sealring from my grandmother and want to know who the owner is of this SPAM. The story behind it goes back to World War II, where her husband, my grandfather got this SPAM from a man he asumed was a Britisch pilot, who he smuggled accros the border between Belgium and Netherlands. I already contacted the Britisch Coats of arms in London but they whrote back that is was not a Britisch coats of arms. So now I am looking to other possebilaties. The clossesed look a like is the coats of arms of Clemens von Bayern. So I hope you can help me out or point me in a direction.
I can sent a picture, but this is not possible here.
You can answer in German.
Gruss Ivan Vanbroekhoven
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