TNG Update von Vers. 7.0.1 auf 7.0.2

Die nächste Generation der genealogischen Seitenerstellung.
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TNG Update von Vers. 7.0.1 auf 7.0.2

Beitrag von salsa »

Liebe TNG-User/Innen,

der Herausgeber der TNG-Anwendung, Darrin Lythgoe, hat mitgeteilt, dass das
Update von TNG 7.0.1 auf TNG 7.0.2 fertiggestellt ist.

Es handelt sich um 39 kleinere Ergänzungen (fixes).

Hier die Mitteilung von Darrin (englisch) :
TNG version 7.0.2 is now available on the TNG v7 downloads page. If you
already have 7.0.0 or higher, this is a free
upgrade for you. Just be sure to get the upgrade most appropriate for your
current version. It mainly contains small bug
fixes. Here's a rundown, after which I'll hit the highlights:

-A security vulnerability existed with the $language variable (fixed).
-The Place page (placesearch.php) did not search for places attached only to
family events (fixed).
-Parental events on the individual page were showing up on the map (fixed).
-The "Reset" function on the Dates & Anniversaries page was not working
-The "no surname" option on the Surnames page was showing names from all
trees, even if a particular tree had been
selected (fixed).
-Searching for something with "quotes" on the Dates & Anniversaries page
would always return no results (fixed).
-The "Reset" function on the Dates & Anniversaries page was not working
-Existing custom media could not be linked to any individuals or families
-Clicking on a place name that included double quotes (from the "all places"
page) resulted in an error (fixed).
-The "printer friendly" link did not work for places that contained an
apostrophe in the name (fixed).
-The words "More information" were hard-coded on the Most Wanted page
-When deleting a child from a family, sometimes the child's individual
record was not actually deleted (fixed).
-The path reported after creating a GENDEX file did not contain a slash
before the GENDEX folder name (fixed).
-Stricter validation will now ensure that media IDs passed to showmedia.php
are always numeric.
-The $type parameter used in the PDF generation has been renamed to
$pdftype, to avoid conflicts with the
PostNuke/Zikula CMS.
-The CMS path name was not being included in some links and image references
-Media links for places were not being saved during the GEDCOM import
-The customconfig.php file was not being found in the Admin area if the
configuration files were located below the root
-A circular relationship could be created if you saved a new family without
a father or mother and then added them later
-The "Find" function for places returned a SQL error if the user was
assigned to a branch (fixed).
-A hidden frame on the Admin main menu that was no longer being used has
been removed.
-A user assigned to a tree could still edit places assigned to all trees
-The 6-generation PDF pedigree chart was sometimes showing the death date as
the marriage date for the primary
individual (fixed).
-Several template pages contained links that would not work from a subfolder
(ie, when used with a copy of
historytemplate.php; fixed).
-Importing a place with an associated note and latitude/longitude
information would cause the existing lat/long data to
be overwritten, even when that was not intended (fixed).
-When adding an item to an album, the associated date was not displayed for
the new entry (fixed).
-After adding an item to an album, the list of items was no longer sortable
-Email addresses entered on the Suggest page were not being properly
validated (fixed).
-The PDF pedigree chart did not respect the maximum generations value if it
was less than 6 (fixed).
-The Suggest tab was incorrectly being shown instead of the Edit tab if the
user was logged in and viewing the
"showmedia.php" page (fixed).
-A GEDCOM file generated from the public area was always indicating it was
created with the ANSI character set, even if
another was being used (fixed).
-The "Find" function on the Relationship page did not work when searching
for special characters (fixed).
-When adding a new person as a child or spouse for a new family, the branch
list was not available (fixed).
-When adding a new family, the "Living" box value was not preserved in some
cases (fixed).

The main fixes are:

- the $language security vulnerability (was actually rolled into 7.0.1 a few
months ago, so most of you have that
- the placesearch.php page, which not only works for family events now, but
is also *screaming* fast, due to a
restructuring of the queries used there
- parental events no longer show on the map on the child's page, even if you
haven't elected to suppress them
- the validation on the showmedia.php page (some users had started to notice
SQL injection hack attempts on that page)

By the way, some template & language updates are also included in the
template zips. If you're not supporting those
languages, ignore the language files, and if you're not using a template (or
if you've customized your template), you
can ignore those too.

Please let me know directly if you have any problems with this upgrade.
There are no database changes from 7.0.0 or
7.0.1, so it should be fairly painless for most of you. As always, just be
sure to follow the instructions. Failure to
follow all the instructions is still the #1 cause of upgrade problems.

Viele Grüße

Heinz (Schlutow)