TNG Vers. 7.0.3 jetzt verfügbar

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TNG Vers. 7.0.3 jetzt verfügbar

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Liebe TNG-User / Innen,

ein weiteres Update für TNG (Vers. 7.0.3) steht ab sofort zur Verfügung (siehe nachstehenden Text aus einer eMail des Erstellers von TNG, Darrin Lythgoe) :

Hi everyone,

A small update (TNG v7.0.3) is now available on the v7 downloads page. If you have 7.0.0 or higher, this is a free
upgrade to you. It consists almost completely of small bug fixes that I've been accumulating for the past 3 months.
Here's a rundown of the changes, which can also be found in the "Change History" section of the downloads page:

-A few small fixes were made to increase compatibility with various CMS programs.
-The random photo script supplied with some of the templates was not blocking photos linked to living families (fixed).
-The resequencing utility was breaking some Associations (fixed).
-An onscreen error message indicating that a new family ID already existed was showing behind the popup dialog window
-A new index was added to the events table to speed up access relating to event places.
-The lines per column on the public Cemeteries page were not being properly observed (fixed).
-Linking an album to an individual linked that album to all individuals with the same ID in all trees (fixed).
-The "Reliability" message was not visible for source citations on the family group sheet (fixed).
-In same-SPAM marriages, the GEDCOM export was not listing the spouse family on one of the partners (fixed).
-Pages created using the historytemplate.php file would not work if called directly instead of going through the home
page first (template fixed).
-The phone, email and web site parts of Addresses were not being included in GEDCOM exports (fixed).
-The "default zoom" for Google Maps will now apply on any new location search in the Admin area.
-Searches in Admin/Media for headstones with the status "not yet located" did not work (fixed).
-Special characters were not shown correctly when entered in the "More" or "Edit Media Link" popup windows (fixed).
-The customconfig.php file was not loading from the admin area in some cases (fixed).
-Albums linked to families were not showing on the individual page (fixed).
-Repositories could not be added if some values were left blank (fixed).
-Some queries on the Dates & Anniversaries page were optimized to improve performance.
-The Relationship finder did not recognize person IDs without a leading "I" (fixed).
-Alternate display translations could not be entered for Custom Event Types if any language name contained a hyphen
-The Log Settings did not allow exclusions by user name if more than one user was named (fixed).
-Column headings were mismatched on the Admin Sources, Repositories and Media pages for users with only Add privileges
-The $type parameter used in the Relationship Finder has been renamed to avoid conflicts with the PostNuke/Zikula CMS.
-Other general changes were made to more adequately support the PostNuke/Zikula CMS.
-Descriptions could not be saved for Most Wanted entries if they contained hard returns (fixed).
-Clicking on a Country, State or City link on the Cemeteries page would not work in some cases if only one cemetery
existed for that region (fixed).
-Private notes were being included in GEDCOM files exported from the public area (fixed).
-Users assigned to a tree could not delete indivdual places from the Admin/Places screen (fixed).
-Dates in citations were not being translated when viewed in other languages (fixed).
-Photo previews did not work in Opera (fixed).

Since a few minor changes had to be made to the display messages, all of the language files have been updated as well.
That reminds me that most of the language files have some messages that are still in English. If you are able to
translate those, please let me know. Also, if anyone would like to help design new templates, I'd like to hear from you